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Welcome to our online organic store. We believe in offering high quality, organic products at affordable prices.

Why organic

Why make the switch to an organic diet? If you’re concerned about the environment, your health and that of your family’s, consuming organic products makes sense. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying organic whenever possible:

  • No pesticides – conventional farming methods use pesticides to prevent crops being attacked by pests. While they do a great job at keeping pests away from the crops, they are also composed of powerful chemicals that enter our bodies by consuming pesticide coated foods. Furthermore, pesticides are harmful to pollinators and pest predators.
  • No chemical fertilizers – organic farming practices use natural fertilizers such as manure.
  • Protect the environment - organic farmers understand that animals and insects play an integral part in keeping nature’s balance. They act as custodians and users of biodiversity at all levels. The elimination of harmful chemicals reduces soil, air and water pollution. 
  • Support local farmers - purchasing organic products helps smaller farmers and supports the local economy by employing local farm workers.

Our Farmers

Farmers are the core of our organic movement. We partner with 20,000 farmers working on 30 farming projects that spread over 100,000 acres. Our partnership benefits them and sustains their lands and longevity. Our farmers are empathetic to nature and the planet; they care about growing healthy, pure food.

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