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5 Level Checks of 24 Mantra Organic

5 level checks guarantee it is 24 Mantra

Everything we check. Land, water, air, even the farmer’s attitude towards food and agriculture. Know them all.

Level 1: Farmers are bonded into small organic groups. These small groups with a combination of self-adherence, social control and supervision ensure that the conversion of farmer into an organic farmer is complete. Takes up to 4 years to realize this commitment.

Level 2: Our Field Officers visit every farm 2 – 3 times in a month. They check adherence, provide timely solutions that facilitate the farming methods and sustain the purity of the crop.

Level 3: Randomly selected teams conduct a well laid out inspection process which in turn ensures objectivity. Contamination from other fields, adherence to processes and the larger picture of maintaining organic integrity are evaluated. We check twice a year. 30,000 inspections in a year.

Level 4: Certification Agencies do their checks 2 – 3 times a year. They check everything – farmer, soil, water and the produce sample.

Level 5: We do a pesticide residue check before the crop is certified as pure and 24 Mantra Organic. Random samples are taken from the farmers’ produce and tested on field with need-based lab checks.

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