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MultiGrain Bread Mix

24 Mantra Organic

MultiGrain Bread Mix



Bread mix blend (corn starch, modified tapioca starch, tapioca starch, sorghum flour, white rice flour, brown rice flour, amaranth flour), sugar, psyllium, dried egg white, whole flax seeds, corn flakes, sunflower seeds, millet, corn syrup solids, pumpkin seeds, modified cellulose gum, molassess powder, salt, powdered cellulose, xanthan gum, enzyme.

Directions for Use:

•1 1/2 cups (220g) Multigrain Bread Mix
•3/4 cup (180 ml) Warm Water
•1 tsp (3 g) Dry Yeast
•2 tbsp (30 ml) Vegetable Oil

For Oven:

(Use a paddle attachment for handmixer or stand mixer).

Dissolve dry yeast in warm water (98-104°F or 37-40°C) in a mixing bowl and allow the yeast to dissolve for approximately 2-5 minutes. Mix slightly by hand and then add the oil.

Add loaf mix to the liquids in the mixing bowl.

Mix for 1 minute on low speed. Scrape down sides and paddle. Mix 3 minutes on medium speed (make sure all powder is well mixed in). NOTE: Finished mixture be more like a cake batter than a bread dough.

Methods to transfer the batter into the bread pan (8" x 4" 2.5"). Use a spatula, scrape down the batter from the mixing bowl and transfer the batter directly into a well greased 1 lb loaf pan (8" x 4" x 2.5"). Use oil for greasing baking pan. Lightly grease hands with oil, spread the dough down by firmly pressing the dough to spread into the baking pan. Repeat this motion a few times to ensure no air pockets in the dough.

Leave the baking pan in a warm place to proof for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The proofed batter should rise to approximately 1" below the top of the baking pan (measure from the highest point of the loaf). lf the air is dry, cover the baking pan with a warmdamp cloth to avoid forming a dry crust.

Bake at 182-188°C (360-370°F) conventional oven for approximately 50-55 minutes. Remove from pan to cool.

For Bread Machine:

Add 1 1/2 tbsp extra water, and follow instructions for your machine.


Contains egg.

May contain soy.

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