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Organic Quinoa Royal White

24 Mantra Organic

Organic Quinoa Royal White


Quinoa is often referred to as the super grain and has been frown in Latin America for thousands of years. It gets its “superfood” status as it is a plant food which delivers complete and good quality protein. It is a natural source of dietary fiber and contains essential nutrients like omega-3, iron, zinc and some Vitamin B.

The Indian climate and soil conditions are suitable for Quinoa cultivation. Quinoa crops adapt well to Organic farming practices.

Quinoa cooks like rice, it has slightly crunchy texture and has a neutral flavor.

Royal quinoa is a premium quality seed and is cultivated in the region of Potosi in Bolivia. It is recognisable by its larger grains and its fluffier texture. This superfood, called the mother of all grains in quechua, is known for its nutritional richness and as a complete plant-based protein!


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