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Proso Millet Hulled

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Proso Millet Hulled


Millets are Ancient Grains. Mankind has known their nutrition value for centuries. They are naturally gluten – free. Low on carbs and high on fiber. They get digested slowly giving sustained energy. Millets are ideal for diabetics looking for an alternative grain to rice. They also help increase the bio-availability of minerals and have strong antioxidant properties. Regular consumption helps in decreasing triglycerides and C-reactive protein.
Our millets cook fast and are ideal to make healthy Porridges, Upma, Kheer, Kichdi, Pongal and more.

Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) is an annual grass, growing from seed each year. Its origin goes back in history at least as far as 2000 B.C. when it is reported to have been grown in the central regions of Europe. This plant is especially well suited to dry climates such as central Russia, the Middle East, northern India, Africa, Manchuria, and the Great Plains area of North America.

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