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24 Mantra Organic

Sambar Powder


Recipe: Make puree out of a lemon sized ball of tamarind • Boil 2 tbsp of (Pigeon Pea) tur dal in pressure cooker and keep aside. • Boil a cup of prefered vegetables, tamarind puree, salt, curry leaves, asafoetida and 1 tbsp of 24 Mantra Sambar Powder for 15 min. • Add the boiled (Pigeon Pea) tur dal and a cup of water to it and simmer for 5 min. • Season the sambar with oil and mustard seeds and garnish with coriander leaves.
Ingredients: *Coriander, *Red Chilly (27%), *Bengal Gram, *Turmeric powder, *Fenugreek, *Rice, Salt, *Blackpepper. *are Organic
Packed in a gluten and allergen free facility.Recipe: Garam Masala Powder is used in small quantity at the end of cooking or fried in the beginning of cooking curries to add a flavour boost to the dishes.
Ingredients: *Cumin, *Coriander, *Cardamom, *Black pepper, *Clove, *Cinnamon. *are Organic
Packed in a gluten and allergen free facility..

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